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The murder of Roman Bondarenko

On the evening of November 11, masked men arrived at the "yard of changes" on Chervyakova Street in Minsk. They cut off the BCHB tapes and painted over the mural on the transformer booth. Local residents were outraged by the actions of the uninvited guests. Among them was 31-year-old Roman Bondarenko, who managed to send a message "I'm going out!"before going outside. In the courtyard, he said something to the unknown masked men-they tied him up and dragged him to the car. The next morning, the neighbors find out: at night, Roman was brought unconscious to the hospital, immediately to the intensive care unit. Doctors fought for his life, but, alas: the Minsk resident died on the evening of the 12th. TUT.BY I tried to collect all the details of that evening to understand what happened.
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The association BYPOL has published a portion of information concerning the death of Minsk resident Roman Bondarenko. He died on November 12 in the hospital, having got there after a scuffle with people who came to cut the bchb-tape on the "square of Changes". Later, the Investigative Committee reported that Roman Bondarenko was diagnosed with "alcohol intoxication". The doctor and the journalist who published documents denying the presence of alcohol in the blood were taken into custody,and Roman's relatives were listened to. The story caused a great response and many questions that were not officially answered.

Former employees of the law enforcement agencies, who joined together in BYPOL, conducted their own investigation of what happened in the courtyard of the houses on Chervyakova Street. What new facts have they established?